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The learning evaluation network is an international community of practice, and a shared learning network, for anyone who aims to evaluate the impact of learning and development in organisations.

The network includes:

  • A shared global domain of knowledge about learning evaluation
  • An online community with other evaluators of learning worldwide
  • Collaboration to inform good practice in learning evaluation

The network offers information, advice, resources, contacts, communication among members, sharing of documents and experience, opportunities for benchmarking, exchanges, business transactions, and more.

About the network

The Learning Evaluation Network is an initiative of Airthrey Ltd, the learning evaluation solutions business based at the University of Stirling, Scotland, UK.  More information about Airthrey may be found at http://www.airthrey.com

Members of the network come from all over the world, sharing an interest in the practice of evaluating learning and development.  Members may choose just to view and download content from the network, or they may contribute content themselves.

The network is moderated, curated and facilitated by Kenneth Fee and Alasdair Rutherford, the directors of Airthrey.  Follow Ken and Alasdair on Twitter at @AirthreyLtd.

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Membership of the Learning Evaluation Network is open to all.  To join, or to find out more about joining, click on this link.

One year's subscription is £132 (including tax) and discounts are available.  To discuss membership, contact info@airthrey.com


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Quote of the month

"Focusing on reactions is a very narrow view of training - a bit like judging a cake by the quality of the ingredients before they go in the bowl and oven. While the ingredients might tell us something about how good the cake could be, the proof will only come later"

Richard Griffin



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"Two weeks have passed since Alasdair posted this blog, and its had no comments.
Would you like this blog series to continue? Do you value Alasdair's insights into research methods as applied to learning evaluation? We need feedback. If you want Alas…"
When we started the network, Ken and I conceived of a series of blogs on research methods applied to learning evaluation.  Our thinking was that I could provide some expert input on topics that are frequently little understood by L&D practitioners,…
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Rather than a review of a specific book this month (and in the absence of offers from network members to review a book) I’ve elected to survey the range of literature available to those seeking to evaluate learning and development.  I hope you find…
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Richard Griffin and Alastair Henry joined Learning Evaluation Network
Any volunteers to write a book review in July?
Or failing that, any suggestions for books you'd like to see reviewed?
We've now had five reviews: I started us off with a review of an evaluation classic, Rob Brinkerhoff's Telling Training's Story in…